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Slippery Rock University United States of America

I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science & Enginnering from Michigan State University. My research interestes include mobile computing, network security, and applications of information technology. I received my M.E. degree in Computer Architecture & Organiztion and B.E. degree in Computer Science & Engineering in Xi'an Jiaotong University. I joined Dept. of Computer Science, Slippery Rock University in August 2005, and have been teaching courses in IT program, including Unix, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL programming, C++, system management, and computer networks. In my spare time, I am also interested in Java, Python, Shell programming, network security, database systems, DocBook, algorithms & data structures, computer graphics, electronics, etc. Other than that, I enjoy reading books, listening to relaxed music and classical music, watching documentaries, ..., and surfing the net.

Hongbo Zhou

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A wireless ad-hoc network is a wireless network deployed without any infrastructure. This includes wireless mesh networks, mobile ad-hoc networks, and vehicular ad-hoc networks. This book focuses on the most fundamental aspects of wireless ad-hoc networks. Topics include the design of the link layer for better performance, the study on routing protocols for higher efficiency, and practical issues in its application. These topics are crucial to build a foundation in design, implementation, deployment, and analysis of a wireless ad-hoc network. Main features include: General introduction to a wireless ad-hoc network, Performance comparison and improvement of medium access protocols, New routing paradigm and algorithms, Autoconfiguration schemes and related issues and Privacy in a vehicular ad-hoc network.

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