Robert Jeffrey

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Australia

Prior to joining CSIRO in 1989, Rob Jeffrey worked for Dowell Schlumberger, working on hydraulic fracturing and specifically fracturing of coalbed methane wells. He continued with this research interest at CSIRO and has run a range of projects investigating hydraulic fracture mechanics in coal and in naturally fractured orebodies. Rob was instrumental in introducing hydraulic fracturing to the mining industry for cave inducement and preconditioning of rock masses and this technology is now being used at mines in Australia and Chile. He is an expert on hydraulic fracture growth in naturally fractured rock as applied to oil and gas stimulations, preconditioning of mining orebodies and hot fractured rock reservoirs.

Robert Jeffrey

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This book comprises the proceedings for the International Conference for Effective and Sustainable Hydraulic Fracturing (HF2013) which was held 20-22 May 2013 in Brisbane, Australia. The conference goal was to advance hydraulic fracturing technology that is effective in its purpose and sustainable in its impacts on communities and environments by bringing together hydraulic fracturing experts not only from the petroleum industry, but also from other application areas of hydraulic fracturing such as mining and geothermal energy production. Topics include hydraulic fracturing of naturally fractured formations, well completions and fracture initiation, induced seismicity, experimental investigations, and coupled modelling. Beyond this mix of traditional hydraulic fracturing research topics, this book includes papers on applications in mining and also on regulations, risk, and communities.

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