Stavros Alexandris

Stavros Alexandris holds a PhD in Agricultural sciences from the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. His research interests include evapotranspiration, crop water conservation, techniques and applications in Agrometeorology. He has more than six years of teaching experience and has published a number of scientific and technical papers. Since 1983, he has made an active contribution in many European research projects (Ecological impact of the air pollution in Attica region, Monitoring of the sea water intrusion in the groundwater aquifers of Argolis Plain, Rational application of irrigation and drainage under Greek conditions, Validity, limits and possible trends of coastal South Mediterranean traditional groundwater irrigated agriculture, MEDEFLU, LOLaqua, DMCSEE, COROADO). He is a member of the Geotechnical Chambers of Greece, Greek Society of Soil Science and Hellenic Meteorological Society. Today, Dr. Alexandris is an Assistant professor in AUA.

Stavros Alexandris

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Evapotranspiration - An Overview contains recent advances in the physics of evaporation and transpiration from a typical experimental site to large scale areas. It incorporates many years of authors experience with the latest research on the methods and the models used worldwide, engaging advanced technology and modern instrumentation. The reader benefits from the in-depth analysis and the diverse sites and settings, where the models, applications and methods are tested. Weather conditions, soil moisture, geology, climatic systems are examined for their role and influence on the theoretical and actual water demand by the atmosphere in the earth's ecosystem. This book not only provides students and scientists with the information to improve the procedures for estimating evapotranspiration, but will also help them to manage and evaluate the observed data.

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