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Mediterranean University Montenegro

Pasquale Giovine worked as a research assistant (Pisa 1984/85); Assistant Professor (Livorno 1985/87 and Reggio Calabria 1989/93), and is currently a supply and Associate Professor of Rational Mechanics (Reggio Calabria 1993/2012). He is a member of five national and international societies of Mechanics and Mathematics; editorial advisor of seven international journals; organizer and member of scientific committees of six international symposia. Dr. Giovine is responsible for fifteen national research projects. He acts as a Scientific Tutor for research contracts and for the laboratory of “Pure and applied mathematics”. His research interests are: mathematical modeling of the mechanical behaviour of continua with microstructure; mixture theories of fluids and/or solids; thermo-mechanics of granular materials; and theories of porous media and wave propagation. Dr. Giovine is author or co-author of more than fifty papers; co-author of two books on Rational Mechanics; and a co-editor of five books.

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Wave propagation in solids has been widely studied and principal advances in this field have been achieved not only for the improvements of calculus methods, but also for the high progresses attained in the description of new types of materials. This book presents innovative and original research studies describing some enhancement in both directions. In particular, the first section is devoted to the propagation of waves in complex materials and related dispersion relations are deeply investigated. Instead the second section is dedicated to new applications for the study of wave processes in classical solids; the emphasis is posed on various simulation availabilities in the fields of seismology, damaging, geomaterials and multi-wave propagation. The audience includes students, engineers and advanced scientists with knowledge of wave propagation in solids.

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