Ihsan Ajeena

University of Kufa Iraq

Ihsan Mohammad Abud Ajeena MBChB, MSc, PhD Physiology (Neurophysiology) Assistant Professor of Physiology College of Medicine / University of Kufa Neurophysiology Unit / middle Euphrates Neuroscience Center Najaf / Iraq Representative and general secretariate of the Iraqi branch in the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN). More than 10 years experiences in the different disciplines of Clinical Neurophysiology Supervises many postgraduate students and have many published scientific articles in this field. Participate in many related national and international symposiums, conferences and workshops. Contact information through e mail: ihsan.ajeena@uokufa.edu.iraq

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Including some of the newest advances in the field of neurophysiology, this book can be considered as one of the treasures that interested scientists would like to collect. It discusses many disciplines of clinical neurophysiology that are, currently, crucial in the practice as they explain methods and findings of techniques that help to improve diagnosis and to ensure better treatment. While trying to rely on evidence-based facts, this book presents some new ideas to be applied and tested in the clinical practice. Advances in Clinical Neurophysiology is important not only for the neurophysiologists but also for clinicians interested or working in wide range of specialties such as neurology, neurosurgery, intensive care units, pediatrics and so on. Generally, this book is written and designed to all those involved in, interpreting or requesting neurophysiologic tests.

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