Jorge Rocha

University of LisbonPortugal

Jorge Rocha achieved his MSc in Geographic Information Systems (2003) and in Spatial Planning (2013), and PhD in Geographic Information Science (2012). He is currently an Assistant Professor of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning and a member of the Modelling, Urban and Regional Planning, and Environmental Hazard and Risk Assessment and Management research groups of the Centre of Geographical Studies, University of Lisbon. . His field of expertise is geosimulation and geocomputation involving artificial neural networks, graphs theory, cellular automata, and multi-agent systems. Jorge’s works are quite diverse, focusing mainly on, but not only, in urban morphology, remote sensing, epidemiology, health geography, geomarketing, tourism, smart cities and big data.

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Risk analysis, risk evaluation and risk management are the three core areas in the process known as ‘Risk Assessment’. Risk assessment corresponds to the joint effort of identifying and analysing potential future events, and evaluating the acceptability of risk based on the risk analysis, while considering influencing factors. In short, risk assessment analyses what can go wrong, how likely it is to happen and, if it happens, what are the potential consequences. Since risk is a multi-disciplinary domain, this book gathers contributions covering a wide spectrum of topics with regard to their theoretical background and field of application. The work is organized in the three core areas of risk assessment.

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