Aurel Nuro

University of Tirana Albania

Aurel Nuro was born in Albania in 1977. He was graduated in Chemistry branch at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Tirana University, Albania in 2002. He finished his Ph.D. thesis at the same university (2008) followed by 'Docent” (2010) and Professor (2021). Since 2002 he work as lecturer and researcher in the Department of Chemistry, FNS, UT. His main research areas include organic chemistry, instrumental analyses, gas chromatography, environmental pollution, ecotoxicology, etc. Mr. Nuro has been a coordinator, expert, and participant in national and international projects. He has mentored more than 220 master’s theses in Environmental Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Pharmacy, and other subjects. His publications include articles, books, and conference proceedings (altogether more than 180).

Aurel Nuro

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Emerging Contaminants presents the reader with information on classification, recent studies, and adverse effects on the environment and human health of the main classes of contaminants. Emerging contaminants are synthetic or natural compounds and microorganisms produced and used by humans that cause adverse ecological and human health effects when they reach the environment. This book is organized into four sections that cover the classification of contaminants and the instrumental techniques used to quantify them, recent studies on pesticides, antibiotics as an important group of emerging contaminants, and studies of different classes of emerging contaminants such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers  (PBDEs), microplastics, and others.

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