Pedro Ponce

Pedro Ponce studied engineering in automation and control and graduated in 1995. Subsequently, he completed his graduate studies, obtaining the degree of Master of Science in 1998 and Doctor of Science in 2002. He worked as a field and designer engineer in several industries. He specialized in the areas of industrial automation systems, electrical machines, electric drives, power electronics, conventional and digital control, expert systems, neural networks fuzzy logic, biological artificial systems, and evolutionary systems. He is a professor and a researcher at Tecnologico de Monterrey campus Ciudad de Mexico.

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This book has a complete set of applications of artificial neural networks that allow the reader to gain experience about the new systems for implementing and developing artificial intelligence (AI) methods, which can run in several digital systems. On the other hand, the book shows the newest algorithms of artificial intelligence that provide a wide spectrum of research areas in which AI can be deployed. There are a lot of books that address AI applications. However, this book shows the newest applications reached according with the technological changes that are presented nowadays. Those changes drastically appear in digital systems or other parallel areas that allow to improve the performance of AI algorithms. Hence, sometimes, the AI algorithms have to be redesigned in order to run in microcontrollers or FPGAs. The topics covered generate a structured book, so it could be used as a textbook, but it is designed to be accessible to a wide audience interested in AI.

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