Ya Zhai

Southeast UniversityChina

Ya Zhai is a professor and heads the Magnetic nano-structure and spintronics Group in Department of Physics, Southeast University, Nanjing, China. She is also a principal member of Department and Low dimensional material physics Laboratory including apparatus with the ï¿¥15 million investment by Government and University. The research field of Prof. Zhai is mainly the study on magnetic properties of nano-structured material, including magnetic nano-particles,magnetic nanowires/chains,magnetic films, multilayers and patterned films with submicron element arrays. She has published more than 80 papers in international journals. She received two scientific awards of first grade from respectively Jiangsu Provincial Government and Association of Measurement and Analyses of China. She has won the UK Royal Society International Fellowship Award in 2004. She has reported her research results at international conferences such as the American MMM Conference and Intermag Conference of IEEE. She and her group have studied systematically the behavors of magnetic induction heating of ferrites nanoparticles(Fe3O4,ZnFe,CoZn and NiZn ferrites)by VSM,SOUID and magnetic induction heating measurement made by themselves. Her recent work has demonstrated the novel approach of engineering the magnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials with a diluted doping of rare earth elements.

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