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Dr Annarita Leva is a specialist of the Foreign Ministry, in the International Cooperation Italy-Argentine, (1990), Italian Coordinator of collaborative research between NRCGEB-National Research Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology ,Tehran ,Iran and IVALSA (2003-2004) and Project leader of National Projects on biotechnologies applied in perennials fruit crops (1982-1989; 1989-1991; 2006-2011). Dr Leva’s research area includes: the development of plant tissue culture techniques and related biotechnologies on perennial plants for: Micropropagation; Somatic embryogenesis; Morphological, biochemical and molecular characterization of the regenerated plants; In vitro somaclonal variation to induce new genetic variability. Annarita Leva is author or co-author of 75 scientific publications and recipient of an Academy award by Academy of Georgofili, Florence, Italy, for the scientific paper: Leva A.R. 2011. Innovative and rapid protocol for ex vitro rooting of olive microcuttings. Cent. Eur. J. Biol. 6(3) 352-358.

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The purpose of this book is to provide the advances in plant in vitro culture as related to perennial fruit crops and medicinal plants. Basic principles and new techniques, now available, are presented in detail. The book will be of use to researchers, teachers in biotechnology and for individuals interested to the commercial application of plant in vitro culture.

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