Malur Srinivasan

Lamar University United States of America

Dr. Malur Srinivasan earned his Ph.D. for his work on solidification of castings at the Indian Institute of Science, where he was a faculty member in the department of mechanical engineering for over twenty years. He taught and did research in the area of metal castings. He has supervised the dissertations of eight doctoral scholars and several master of science theses in the area of metal castings, resulting in over 50 publications. He expanded his research field to cover superplasticity, ultrasonic evaluation of residual stress, modeling of continuous casting, preparation and consolidation of nanomaterials and others, after his move to the United States in 1988. He is presently a professor of mechanical engineering at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, USA.

Malur Srinivasan

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This book deals with various science and technology factors that need careful consideration in producing a casting. It consists of 11 chapters contributed by experts in their respective fields. The topics include simulation of continuous casting process, control of solidification of continuous castings, influence of mold flux in continuous casting, segregation in strip casting of steel, developments in shell and solid investment mold processes, innovative pressure control during filling of sand molds, fracture toughness specifically of castings, permanent molding of cast iron, wear resistant castings and improvement of accuracy in estimating graphite nodularity in ductile iron castings.

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