Pranav H. Darji

Professor & Head

Prof. (Dr.) Pranav H. Darji graduated in Mechanical Engineering from North Gujarat University, Gujarat (India) in 1998. He received post-graduate degree from Gujarat University, Gujarat (India) in Mechanical Engineering specialisation with CAD/CAM in 2001. He received the degree of Ph. D. from S. V. National Institute of Technology, Gujarat (India) in Mechanical Engineering in the specific field of Rolling Element Bearing in 2015. He has academic and administrative experience in totality of 18 years. At present he is working as a Professor and Head in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at C. U. Shah College of Engineering and Technology, C. U. Shah University, Wadhwan city, Gujarat (India) since 2010. Since 2015 he is also working as a Director, P. G. Studies and Research at Research, Development and Innovation Centre of C. U. Shah and associated with various research activities. He has published more than 57 research papers in various reputed National and International Journals and Conferences. He has edited an international book ‘Advances in Tribology’ in the year 2016. He has guided more than 22 dissertations of post graduate students. He has given more than 12 invited presentations.

Pranav H. Darji

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This book contains two sections: Chapters 1-7 deal with contact mechanics, and Chapters 8-13 deal with fracture mechanics. The different contributions of this book will cover the various advanced topics of research. It provides some needed background with respect to contact mechanics, fracture mechanics and the use of finite element methods in both. All the covered chapters of this book are of a theoretical and applied nature, suitable for the researchers of engineering, physics, applied mathematics and mechanics with an interest in computer simulation of contact and fracture problems.

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