Rudi Radrigán

University of Concepción Chile

BRIEF BIOGRAPHY OF Prof. Rudi Radrigan Ewoldt, Ph.D: Rudi Radrigan Ewoldt was born in Quilpue, Chile on Januery,15, 1974. He got the M.Sc. degrees in Agroindusties from University of Concepcion and the Ph.D. degrees in Systems and Engineering in Electric, Electronic Machines and Control from the UNED University from Spain , in 2008y. Since 2009 he has been devoted to education and research at the University of Concepcion where he is a professor in areas of precesing engineering, process automation. He is the director of Agroindustries technological development center. He has a remarkable scientific and didactic experience being the books, technical papers and research projects, mainly in the fields of food process, food enginerring, heat transfer,physical properties of food, and associated tecnnology.

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