Taku Sakai

Taku Sakai is a professor in the Division of Material Science and Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems, UEC Tokyo (The University of Electro- Communications), where he established a major research laboratory in the fields of mechanical metallurgy and thermomechanical processing. He and his group are mainly concerned with understanding of discontinuous/ continuous dynamic recrystallization and their post-dynamic recrystallization taking place during metal processing as well as the scientific and engineering aspects of plastic deformation, and have published over 300 technical papers. Sakai is one of the top 250 most cited researchers in the Materials Science category since 2002 (Thomson - ISI). The main topics are as follows; cold, warm and hot deformation mechanisms, severe plastic deformation (SPD), hot strength and fracture, superplasticity, static and dynamic recrystallization, structural control through thermomechanical processes, etc.

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