Adem Karahoca

Bahçeşehir UniversityTurkey

Dr. Adem Karahoca received his B.Sc. degree in Mathematical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Software Engineering from Istanbul University. His research interests and expertise include mobile telecommunication software, data mining, management information systems, bioinformatics, information systems, business intelligence, computers in education, and human computer interaction. He has written 26 IT related books and book chapters. He has supervised different variety of IT research and application projects. He is currently working on data mining applications in medicine.

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Advances in Data Mining Knowledge Discovery and Applications aims to help data miners, researchers, scholars, and PhD students who wish to apply data mining techniques. The primary contribution of this book is highlighting frontier fields and implementations of the knowledge discovery and data mining. It seems to be same things are repeated again. But in general, same approach and techniques may help us in different fields and expertise areas. This book presents knowledge discovery and data mining applications in two different sections. As known that, data mining covers areas of statistics, machine learning, data management and databases, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, and other areas. In this book, most of the areas are covered with different data mining applications. The eighteen chapters have been classified in two parts: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Applications.

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