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Professor Dr T R Vijayaram is currently working as Director (Research) and Full Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Galgotias University, Greater Noida, UP. He has over 22 years of teaching and research experience in various organizations. He has expertise in metallurgical, manufacturing and mechanical engineering. He has earned his Ph.D Research degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universiti Putra Malaysia, UPM, Selangor, Malaysia. He worked as Rector Researcher in Metallurgy at DCCI, Genoa University, Italy). Prof. Dr Vijayaram has obtained M.E. degree in Industrial Metallurgy from PSG Tech, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore and B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University. Besides, he has also obtained MBA in Educational Management and MA in Sociology from the University of Madras. Prof. Dr Vijayaram has published 210 papers in international, national journals, and conferences. He is an authenticated Chartered Engineer (India) and also a member of many professional and scientific bodies in India and Overseas. Recently, Professor Dr T R Vijayaram has received the Distinguished Scientist Award in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering for his outstanding contribution on December 2016.

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Major casting processing advancements have been made in experimental and simulation areas. Newly developed advanced casting technologies allow foundry researchers to explore detailed phenomena associated with new casting process parameters helping to produce defect-free castings with good quality. Moreover, increased computational power allows foundry technologists to simulate advanced casting processes to reduce casting defects. In view of rapid expansion of knowledge and capability in the exciting field of casting technology, it is possible to develop new casting techniques. This book is intended to discuss many casting processing technologies. It is devoted to advanced casting processing technologies like ductile casting production and thermal analysis, casting of metal matrix composites by vortex stir casting technique, aluminum DC casting, evaporative casting process, and so on. This book entitled Advanced Casting Technologies has been organized into seven chapters and categorized into four sections. Section 1 discusses the production of ductile iron casting and thermal analysis. Section 2 depicts aluminum casting. Section 3 describes the casting manufacturing aspects of functionally graded materials and evaporative casting process. Section 4 explains about the vortex stir casting technique to process metal matrix composite castings. All the chapters discussed in detail the processing steps, process parameters involved in the individual casting technique, and also its applications. The goal of the book is to provide details on the recent casting technologies.

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