(vice-Professor = Docent) Jan Krmela, Ph.D., Head Of Department Of Numerical Methods And Computational

BOOK: KRMELA, J. Tire Casings and Their Material Characteristics for Computational Modeling. Printing House The Managers of Quality and Production Association, Czestochowa,Poland. 2017, ISBN 978-83-63978-62-4. With videos at DVD. / Computational FEM and experimental modelling of tires and composites: The complex approach to experiments and computation of tires from macrostructure and microstructure too. Namely computational modelling of strain-stress states of the composite structures of tire-casing and the tire-road interaction and experimental modelling of tires too. Also computational modelling of parts and structural parts of vehicle, computation and experiments of composites with non-linear matrixes, microscopy observation of bond between cord-reinforcement and rubber matrixes, degradation processes of tires and composite structures with rubber. International and national conferences and technical papers in journals, monographs (2 - author and co-author), chapters into books etc. (over 300+ publicized papers in Czech, English, Slovak). texbooks for students - free download http://krmela.wz.cz/contact.html

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