Damien Closson

Royal Military Academy Belgium

Damien Closson graduated from the University of Liege, Belgium. In collaboration with the Royal Museum for Central Africa, he obtained a Degree in Geography in 1991 based on work done in neotectonics in Burundi. In 1992, he became Master in Cartography and remote sensing, Catholic University of Louvain. From 1995 onwards, he has been a researcher at the Department of Geography (Liege), the Space Centre of Liege, and since 2003 at the Signal and Image Centre, Royal Military Academy. During his PhD (2005), he developed a strong collaboration with Professor Najib Abou Karaki of the University of Jordan. Together, they co-signed ten peer review articles focussing on the salt karst dynamics affecting the coastal areas of the Dead Sea. Currently, they are working on an early warning system. Damien Closson is regularly consulted in geomorphology and hazards mapping for engineering enterprises (KEYOBS, Tractebel, Coyne & Bellier, Vinci Construction Grands Projets).

Damien Closson

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The aim of this book is to demonstrate the use of SAR data in three application domains, i.e. land cover (Part II), topography (Part III), and land motion (Part IV). These are preceded by Part I, where an extensive and complete review on speckle and adaptive filtering is provided, essential for the understanding of SAR images. Part II is dedicated to land cover mapping. Part III is devoted to the generation of Digital Elevation Models based on radargrammetry and on a wise fusion (by considering sensor characteristic and acquisition geometry) of interferometric and photogrammetric elevation data. Part IV provides a contribution to three applications related to land motion.

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