Nigel W.T. Quinn

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory United States of America

Nigel W. T. Quinn is a Research Group Leader at Berkeley National Laboratory and holds additional appointments at the US Bureau of Reclamation, UC Berkeley and UC Merced. He did his initial schooling in irrigation and drainage engineering in England at Silsoe College (now part of Cranfield University). Dr. Quinn has a MS in Ag and Civil Engineering from Iowa State and a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell. He has been working on water quality and drainage problems in the San Joaquin Valley of California for over 25 years, specializing in decision support modeling.

Nigel W.T. Quinn

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The level of surface water quality protection is variable around the world in large part due to the relative effectiveness of environmental regulation and the degree to which science influences the regulatory process. In the United States, at the federal level, the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) has been an effective policy and water quality management tool for dealing with both point source and non-point source pollution. The TMDL provides a rational framework for estimating the assimilative capacity of the receiving water body for certain contaminants and applying factors of safety and incorporating acceptable levels of water quality criteria violation - provided the local stakeholders have a say in the decision making process. This collection of articles from around the world are good examples of the application of sound scientific principles to solve pressing water quality problems.

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