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Germana Meroni is a graduate of the University of Milan, Italy. She was a post-graduate fellow at the Department of Biotechnology of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy, and then post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Human and Molecular Genetics of Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX (USA). She established her research group at the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM) in Naples and then moved as leader of the Functional Genomics Laboratory at the Cluster in Biomedicine within AREA Science Park in Trieste, Italy.

Germana Meroni

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This book titled "Functional Genomics" contains a selection of chapters focused on crucial topics in functional genomics, from the analysis of the genetic code, to the understanding of the role of the different genes and to the proteomic implications. The book provides an overview on basic issues and some of the recent developments in medicinal science and technology. Covering all the aspects involved in such a broad theme as functional genomics and in all its applications would be impossible within the same book. The different chapters represent a brief introduction to the topic, connecting the most promising developments in functional genomics technologies, focusing on specific applications in biomedicine, agro-food technologies and zootechniques.

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