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Prof. Neeraj Kumar Agrawal, DM (Endocrinology), is a professor at the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. He has clinical and research training in endocrinology and metabolism. He completed his DM course in 2000 and is since actively involved in teaching and training. He has keen interest in reproductive endocrinology and adolescent endocrinology, diabetes, and thyroid disorders. He has published over 100 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, and has edited books on 'Thyroid Hormone' and 'Debatable topics in PCOS patients'. He acts as an examiner in endocrinology training centres, is actively involved in the Endocrine Society of India, and is a speaker at annual conferences.

Neeraj Agrawal

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The thyroid gland is a commonly diseased endocrine organ of human body. The disorders affecting the thyroid gland are varied but are very much amenable to treatment. The enlargement of the thyroid is termed goiter. It can affect the whole gland or only part of it. The disease is perplexing but in-depth knowledge of the pathophysiology helps in elucidating causes and thereby treating the disease. In this book, the diffuse and nodular goiter has been addressed as well as the functional abnormalities of the gland and its implications on the body are discussed in various chapters. The relevant updated information is included. To address a few of these current issues and recent updated information, authors have put in a lot of effort to organize the book.

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