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University of Sunderland United Kingdom

Dr. Amal Ali Elkordy is a Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics in the Department of Pharmacy, Health and Well-being, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Sunderland, UK. Her area of research interest is the stabilisation of protein formulations (using spray drying and crystallisation technology) and their delivery via oral and pulmonary routes. Her work in this field has been recognised by the award of two prizes at the British Pharmaceutical Conference in 2002 and in 2004. Her more recent work is concerned with the enhancement of poorly water soluble drugs and gene therapeutics (awarded national recognition from the College of Mental Health Pharmacists, 2010). Dr. Elkordy has many publications in peer-review journals and she was invited speaker in a number of conferences.

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Calorimetry, as a technique for thermal analysis, has a wide range of applications which are not only limited to studying the thermal characterisation (e.g. melting temperature, denaturation temperature and enthalpy change) of small and large drug molecules, but are also extended to characterisation of fuel, metals and oils. Differential Scanning Calorimetry is used to study the thermal behaviours of drug molecules and excipients by measuring the differential heat flow needed to maintain the temperature difference between the sample and reference cells equal to zero upon heating at a controlled programmed rate. Microcalorimetry is used to study the thermal transition and folding of biological macromolecules in dilute solutions. Microcalorimetry is applied in formulation and stabilisation of therapeutic proteins. This book presents research from all over the world on the applications of calorimetry on both solid and liquid states of materials.

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