Luis Fernando Marmolejo Rebellon

University of Cauca Colombia

Luis Fernando Marmolejo Rebellon is Sanitary Engineer, Master in Health Management and Engineering Doctor at the Universidad del Valle – Cali, Colombia, where he has been working as professor since 1999. At present he is the Director of the Sanitary and Environmental Undergraduate Program and also coordinates the line of Solid Waste Management in the Research Group on ”Environmental Pollution Study and Control”. Dr. Marmolejo has led several research and development projects related to characterization, recovery, valuation and disposition of municipal and hazardous waste, areas in which he has several scientific publications. He became part of the founding team of the Latin American Waste Management Network– GRAL, and is an active member of this network.

Luis Fernando Marmolejo Rebellon

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Solid waste management generates big challenges for society due to its large variability in production and composition, and because of its sanitary and environmental impacts. To contribute in facing this situation, this book includes a worldwide overview of experiences and conceptual and technical developments attained through research and development projects. In addition to minimizing generation, considered as the most desirable practice, it includes alternatives of valuation for potentially recoverable waste and strategies to reduce final conditioning and disposition risks. The book includes contextual technical, economical, political and social aspects aimed at proposing integral solutions for the solid waste management.

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