Jaziri Wassim

Dr. Wassim Jaziri received a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences in 2004 at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) of Rouen. In October 2004, he joined the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development -CIRAD- Montpellier (France), as a post-doctorate researcher. Currently, he is an assistant professor in computer science in the Higher Institute of informatics and Multimedia of Sfax- Tunisia. He is a member of the Miracl Laboratory (Multimedia InfoRmation systems & Advanced Computing Laboratory). His main interests are Optimization, Constraints satisfaction, Geographic Information Systems, spatio-temporal databases and Ontology.

Jaziri Wassim

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The goal of this book is to report original researches on algorithms and applications of Tabu Search to real-world problems as well as recent improvements and extensions on its concepts and algorithms. The book’ Chapters identify useful new implementations and ways to integrate and apply the principles of Tabu Search, to hybrid it with others optimization methods, to prove new theoretical results, and to describe the successful application of optimization methods to real world problems. Chapters were selected after a careful review process by reviewers, based on the originality, relevance and their contribution to local search techniques and more precisely to Tabu Search.

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