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Education and work experience: 2002.10-2004.10, Management science and engineering, Tianjin University, Post doctor 2000.3-2002.9, Management science and engineering, Tianjin University, Doctor 2004.11-now, Department of management and economy Tianjin University, Associate professor 2008.1-2009.1, Supply chain research center in Cranfield University, UK, visiting scholar 1994.7-1997.4, Aijin clothing company in TEDA, Operation Standard and the work quota setting Committee and Memberships: [1] Senior member of Chinese mechanical engineering society [2] Member of Chinese institute of certified public accountants [3] Member of the branch-management and technology of the innovation methods research society of Ministry of science and technology Research: Research Specialty:Supply chain innovation, theory and applications of Industrial Engineering。MBA Research Specialty: Lean Production, Operations Management, Supply chain and logistics engineering。MPA Research Specialty: Performance measurement,Process management and improvement。GCT Research Specialty: Supply chain and logistics engineering, Industrial Engineering Research projects: [1] Research on Job Standardization of “Tianji” and “Tianyu” in the second phase of construction process optimization and standardization research of Cutter suction dredger, 2010.4-2011.3 [2] Research on Job Standardization of “Tianhu” in the first phase of construction process optimization and standardization research of Cutter suction dredger, project cooperating with enterprise, 2008.5-2009.3 [3] Social management innovation research under the modern industrial system in Binhai new area, the development and reform commission of Binhai new area in Tianjin, 2011.1 – 2011.12 [4] Comprehensive reform planning supporting ‘’the 12th Five-Year” guideline in Binhai new area, the office of Tianjin Binhai new area government, 2010.3 -2011.5 [5] Research on improving the administrative efficiency in Binhai new area, the office of Tianjin Binhai new area government, 2011.1 – 2011.12 [6] Research on supply chain coordination model and experiment based on customer behavior, National Natural Science Foundation of China(70971095)2010.1-2012.12,Number 2. [7] Research on innovation process coordination and performance of complex products based on lean supply chain, 20120032110035, the doctoral fund of Ministry of Education in 2012(Ph.D. supervisor class), 2013.1-2015.12. Number 2 [8] Development and promotion of applications in enterprises of tool set of key technique and methods about management innovation, 2010IM040300, special project on national basic science and technology work (work on Innovation methods), 2010.4 -2013.4.Number 5. [9] Research on quality assurance methods and tools in whole life cycle of major scientific instruments project.2012IM040500, special project on national basic science and technology work (work on Innovation methods), 2012, main participant. [10] Hominids system management mode in Aerospace science and industry group,2005.1~2007.7,863 project(2004AA411030)Number 2. [11] Research on collaborative management model of space products in large types,2002.7-2004.10,863 fund (2001AA411020),Number 2. [12] Research on integration patterns of Enterprise logistics and information flow based on LP/TPS, Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin (023605611), 2002.6-2005.6, Number 2. [13] Research on empirical model of innovation networks in Research and development and transformation base in Binhai new area. soft project of Ministry of science and technology (2008GXQ6D147) 2008.8.1-2009.8.31, Number 4. [14] Research on integration of Production planning and scheduling based on APS/MES , 2005.1~2007.12, National Natural Science Foundation of China (70472063), Number 4. Selected publications: [1] Yanfang Huo, Lixiang Yang, Ying Lin. Study on Advanced Booking Discount Mode in a Two-Level Supply Chain under the Competitive Environment. Industrial Engineering and Management, 2011.16(5), 22-26. [2] Yanfang Huo, Xubo zhu. Regional innovation ability evaluation and dynamic optimization, Statistics and Decision, 2012(1): 59-62. [3] Yanfang Huo, Zhongsheng Liu. Analysis on Retailer-dominant Three-Level Supply Chain Coordination under Emergency Demand. Computer Integrated Manufacturing System——CIMS, Accepted. [4] Yanfang Huo, Gang Li, Fu Jia, Min Ji. Research on Petri-Net-based Eco-industrial Park Simulation of Steel Company. Journal of Tianjin University (Social Sciences), 2010, 12(1): 1-6 [5] Yanfang Huo, Xinyue Jiang, Ershi Qi, Bingguang Li. Distributed Multi-level Modeling and Simulation of Supply Chain Integration. Industrial Engineering, 2010, 13(1): 80-84 [6] Yanfang Huo, Jie Wang, Bingguang Li and Binshan Lin. Modelling and Simulation of Stock-out Cost Pulled Collaborative Supply Chain Planning. International Journal of Modelling in Operations Management, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2010 [7] Yanfang Huo, Alan Harrison, Fu Jia, Ershi Qi. Innovation in Logistics: China-Europe Supply Chains. The Third International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management, Wuhan, Jul. 28 to Aug. 5, 2009(ISTP:BOP87) [8] Huo Yanfang, Jiang Xinyue, Wang Qianqian. Product Realization-based Performance Evaluation of Supply Chain Integration. IEEE International Conference on Management and Service Science,EMS/MASS2009, Beijing, Sep. 20-22, 2009(EI:20100212629018) [9] Yanfang Huo, Min Ji. APPLY TOPSIS MODEL TO EVALUATE AUTOMOTIVE LOGISTICS PERFORMANCE,ICCLTP2008, Chengdu, Oct 2008(EI:20093812323722) [10] Yanfang Huo, Min Ji. Apply Quality Function Deployment Method to Manage Logistics Quality. ICCLTP2008, Chengdu, Oct 2008 (EI:20093812323721) [11] Yanfang Huo, Xinyue Jiang. Research on CPFR and Warehousing Management. 2007 International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, WiCOM 2007, p 4640-4643 (EI 080311028293) [12] Yanfang Huo,Ershi Qi, Xu Gang, et al. 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With the ever-increasing levels of volatility in demand and more and more turbulent market conditions, there is a growing acceptance that individual businesses can no longer compete as stand-alone entities but rather as supply chains. Supply chain management (SCM) has been both an emergent field of practice and an academic domain to help firms satisfy customer needs more responsively with improved quality, reduction cost and higher flexibility. This book discusses some of the latest development and findings addressing a number of key areas of aspect of supply chain management, including the application and development ICT and the RFID technique in SCM, SCM modeling and control, and number of emerging trends and issues.

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