Salman Ahmed

Universiti Teknologi Petronas Malaysia

Dr. Salman Ahmed is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the CSE Department. He is a graduate of UET Peshawar (Pakistan), Universiti Teknologi Petronas (Malaysia) and University of Alberta (Canada). Prior to joining UET Peshawar, he worked as an Assistant Professor with Bahria University, Islamabad and Sarhad University. He also worked for the Canadian oil and gas industries, where he worked as a Contractor/ Research Scientist with Suncor Energy, and as a System Integration Consultant with Arc Resources, Cenvous, CNRL, Veresen Inc, Rio-tinto and Pengrowth. He also worked with the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Teknologi and Innovation as a Research Officer. His research areas include multi-rate digital signal processing, optimal sampled-data control systems, multi-agent robotic systems, nonlinear control systems and networked control systems. He has received some prestigious awards in his academic career such as the university Gold Medal (UET Peshawar), Provost Doctoral Award (University of Alberta, Canada) and Research Assistantship (NSERC, Government of Canada), Graduate Assistantship (Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia).

Salman Ahmed

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Multi agent systems involve a team of agents working together socially to accomplish a task. An agent can be social in many ways. One is when an agent helps others in solving complex problems. The field of multi agent systems investigates the process underlying distributed problem solving and designs some protocols and mechanisms involved in this process. This book presents an overview of some of the research issues in the field of multi agents. It is a presentation of a combination of different research issues which are pursued by researchers in the domain of multi agent systems as they are one of the best ways to understand and model human societies and behaviours. In fact, such systems are the systems of the future.

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