Carlos Bateira

University of Porto Portugal

Carlos Bateira is professor of Physical Geography at the Department of Geography of the Oporto University. Belongs to the CEGOT (Geography and Spatial Planning Research Centre) integrating the DyNat group of the Nature and Environmental Dynamics research area. The main scientific interests are related with hidro-geomorphological processes and natural hazards. He developed research on slope instability focused on the assessment of geomorphological susceptibility and he is the coordinator of DyNat group. The group participated in several works related with Municipal Emergency Plans namely the production of the cartographic support to Civil Protection activities.

Carlos Bateira

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The terrestrial space is the place of interaction of natural and social systems. The cartography is an essential tool to understand the complexity of these systems, their interaction and evolution. This brings the cartography to an important place in the modern world. The book presents several contributions at different areas and activities showing the importance of the cartography to the perception and organization of the territory. Learning with the past or understanding the present the use of cartography is presented as a way of looking to almost all themes of the knowledge.

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