Naoki Yamamoto

Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan

Dr. Naoki Yamamoto is an Associate Professor of Graduate School of Condensed Matter Physics (Physics Department) at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Dr. Yamamoto is particularly known for his long experience of cathodoluminescence (CL) technique using a transmission electron microscope and its application to characterization of defects in semiconductors and semiconductor quantum structures such as quantum dots and wires. His interest is also directed to light emission induced by an electron beam, i.e., transition radiation, Cherenkov radiation and Smith-Purcell radiation. Dr. Yamamoto has recently applied CL technique to the study of localized surface plasmons in metal nano-particles and surface plasmon polaritons in plasmonic crystals.

Naoki Yamamoto

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Cathodoluminescence (CL) is a non-destructive technique to characterize optical and electronic properties of nanostructures in many kinds of materials. Major subject is to investigate basic parameters in semiconductors, impurities in oxides and phase determination of minerals. CL gives information on carrier concentration, diffusion length and life time of minority carriers in semiconductors, and impurity concentration and phase composition in composite materials. This book involves 13 chapters to present the basics in the CL technique and applications to particles, thin films and nanostructures in semiconductors, oxides and minerals. The chapters covered in this book include recent development of CL technique and applications to wide range of materials used in modern material science.

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