Stuart Harris

University of Calgary

Holder of the D.Sc., M.Sc., B.Sc, and Ph.D. degrees from Queen Mary University, served in the Royal Engineers in Egypt finding water supplies and solving engineering problems for the Headquarters, British Troops, Egypt and for the Arab Legion. Soil surveyor For Hunting Technical Services in Iraq (3 years) and Government Soil Surveyor in Guyana (2 years). Taught at Universities of Chicago, Wilfred Laurier, Kansas, and Calgary. Studied the relationship between Climate and Permafrost for the National Research Council of Canada, determining the permafrost distribution along the Eastern Cordillera from New Mexico to Inuvik in the NWT. Worked with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Tibet and Tien Shan, studied permafrost landforms and processes in New Zealand, Russia, Mongolia, Kazhakstan, the Alps, Scandinavia, Iceland, Bolivia, the Low Countries, Poland, and North America. Wrote two books on landforms, processes, and use of Permafrost lands. Awarded the Nikolai Mihailovich Prjevalsky medal by the Russian Geographical Society.

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This book is intended to introduce the reader to examples of the range of practical problems posed by "Global Warming". It includes 11 chapters split into 5 sections. Section 1 outlines the recent changes in the Indian Monsoon, the importance of greenhouse gases to life, and the relative importance of changes in solar radiation in causing the changes. Section 2 discusses the changes to natural hazards such as floods, retreating glaciers and potential sea level changes. Section 3 examines planning cities and transportation systems in the light of the changes, while section 4 looks at alternative energy sources. Section 5 estimates the changes to the carbon pool in the alpine meadows of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The 11 authors come from 9 different countries, so the examples are taken from a truly international set of problems.

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