Stuart Harris

University of Calgary Canada

Stuart Arthur Harris has a BSc (Honours), MSc, and Ph.D. in Geology and a DSc in Geography from the Queen Mary University of London. His experience includes geology, water supply, and engineering. Before becoming Government Soil Surveyor in Guyana, Dr. Harris engaged in soil survey work in Egypt and Iraq for the consulting firm Hunting Technical Services. He also taught in the geography departments of the University of Chicago, Wilfred Laurier University, and the University of Kansas before joining the University of Calgary in 1969. The National Research Council of Canada asked Dr. Harris to study the relationship of climate to permafrost in 1973 and thus he carried out detailed studies of the permafrost landforms in northwest Canada, China, Iceland, the Alps, Poland, Russia, China, Mongolia, New Zealand, and Kazakhstan, and on the Tibetan Plateau. Dr. Harris has published more than 200 papers, books, and reports. In 1996, he received the Nikolai Mihailovich Prjevalsky Medal from the Russian Geographical Society for his research on Alpine permafrost.

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This book examines global warming and climate change over the past five decades in mainly subtropical and tropical countries. The amount and types of changes in these countries vary with the environment but are often less than those occurring in the Arctic and northern countries. Chapters address such topics as the controversy surrounding global warming, the effects of climate change on agriculture, changes in land use and hydrology, and more.

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