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Dr. Krzysztof Śmigórski, PhD, is a psychologist; he graduated on Catholic University of Lublin (MSc and PhD). He worked as a clinical psychologist at the Medical University of Wroclaw Research Institute for Dementia-Related Diseases. At present he is employed at an international company specialized in conducting psychological assessments for clinical trials purposes. His scientific interests are: cognitve neuropsychology (semantic priming paradigm), neuropsychological rehabilitation in dementia, and the theory of psychological measurement.

Krzysztof Smigorski

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The development in our understanding of health management ensures unprecedented possibilities in terms of explaining the causes of diseases and effective treatment. However, increased capabilities create new issues. Both, researchers and clinicians, as well as managers of healthcare units face new challenges: increasing validity and reliability of clinical trials, effectively distributing medical products, managing hospitals and clinics flexibly, and managing treatment processes efficiently. The aim of this book is to present issues relating to health management in a way that would be satisfying for academicians and practitioners. It is designed to be a forum for the experts in the thematic area to exchange viewpoints, and to present health management's state-of-art as a scientific and professional domain.

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