Mark Pestana

Grand Valley State University United States of America

Mark Pestana received his Doctorate, under the supervision of Stephen Toulmin, Christine Korsgaard and Paul Ricoeur, from the University of Chicago. He currently teaches courses in medieval philosophy, metaphysics and the philosophy of mind in the philosophy department at Grand Valley State University in western Michigan. He is the author of MORAL VIRTUE OR MENTAL HEALTH and several articles in the philosophy of mind and philosophical psychology. His current research involves the development of a metaphysical analysis of subjectivity. He and his wife Mary Beth have two children, Stephanie Simone and Simon John.

Mark Pestana

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It is our hope that this collection will give readers a sense of the type of metaphysical investigations that are now being carried out by thinkers in the Western nations. We also hope that the reader's curiosity will be peaked so that further inquiry will follow.

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