Young Suck Ro

Hanyang University Seoul Hospital Korea, South

Having obtained his doctorate from Hanyang University, Korea in 1981, Professor Young Suck Ro began his career working for Department of Dermatology of said university and has since progressed to become Head of Department. In a career spanning some thirty years, he has achieved a number of notable accolades, including being award the British Conference Fellowship Award (1991) presented by the British Association of Dermatologists; Pacific Research of Korean Award (1991), and the Hanmi Research of Contact Dermatitis Award both presented by Korean Dermatological Association (2005).

Young Suck Ro

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This book centralizes on the subject of contact dermatitis. It aims to provide the dermatologist with a sound base of clinical wisdom and key scientific findings to make an accurate diagnosis and management plan. SPECIAL FEATURES: - Describes numerous possible allergens that cause contact dermatitis. - Provides details of research in the basic sciences to help our readers understand more about contact dermatitis. - Provides a comprehensive description of recently developed methods that have evolved for the diagnosis of contact dermatitis. - Provides a concise, clinically focused, user-friendly format, which can rapidly improve your knowledge of the disease. The past decade has seen significant changes in contact dermatitis. Our understanding of the pathophysiology, our diagnostic approaches, and management of the disease has evolved. In this volume, some of the world's most highly regarded experts discuss areas that have seen significant improvement, as well as areas for future development.

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