Mustafa Serdar Genç

Erciyes University

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Serdar Genc is currently an instructor of Aerodynamics at the Department of Energy Systems Engineering at Erciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey. He has more than 100 scientific publications including international journal articles, book and book chapters and international and national conference papers. Dr. Genc’s recent research interests are experimental and computational aerodynamics, low Reynolds number aerodynamics, micro air vehicles, flexible wing aerodynamics, flow-induced vibrations, flow control, wind energy, meteorology, mechanics of composite materials. He has carried out more than 20 scientific projects with regard to aerodynamics and composite materials researches.

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This book reports the latest development and trends in the low Re number aerodynamics, transition from laminar to turbulence, unsteady low Reynolds number flows, experimental studies, numerical transition modelling, control of low Re number flows, and MAV wing aerodynamics. The contributors to each chapter are fluid mechanics and aerodynamics scientists and engineers with strong expertise in their respective fields. As a whole, the studies presented here reveal important new directions toward the realization of applications of MAV and wind turbine blades.

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