Saeed Oraii

Dr Saeed Oraii received his MD from the Teheran University of Medical Sciences in 1987. He also received a board certification in Cardiology from the Iran University of Medical Sciences in 1995, and in Electrophysiology from the Pacemaker and Electrophysiology Board, Iranian Heart Association in 2001. He is a member of the Iranian Heart Association, Iranian Atherosclerosis Society, and the Heart Rhythm Society. Dr Oraii currently works at the Tehran Arrhythmia Center.

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The outstanding evolution of recording techniques paved the way for better understanding of electrophysiological phenomena within the human organs, including the cardiovascular, ophthalmologic and neural systems. In the field of cardiac electrophysiology, the development of more and more sophisticated recording and mapping techniques made it possible to elucidate the mechanism of various cardiac arrhythmias. This has even led to the evolution of techniques to ablate and cure most complex cardiac arrhythmias. Nevertheless, there is still a long way ahead and this book can be considered a valuable addition to the current knowledge in subjects related to bioelectricity from plants to the human heart.

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