Cecília Leão

University of Minho Portugal

Most of her research work has been devoted to the understanding of the mechanisms involved in transmembrane transport of weak-organic acids in yeast and their involvement in stress. More recently, she is involved in research focusing on the elucidation of the molecular and cellular responses of yeasts to nutritional depletion and its involvement in cell death and aging. She has published more than 100 publications peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters that have been cited about 2000 times. Throughout the years she has been responsible for several research projects, funded by national and international agencies. In the scope of the research activity, she has been responsible for the supervision of more than 20 Master's and 30 Ph.D. theses. Cecília Leão has been involved in the organization and scientific committee of several national and international meetings. She has also integrated several advisory boards, including the International Commission for Yeasts, the Editorial Board of the international journals “Microbiology” and“FEMS Yeast Research”, the Scientific and Direction Committee of National Microbiology Society, and the Direction Committee of the National BiochemistrySociety. She has received several awards and honors for her research accomplishments, from which the most recent are: Member of the Academy Science of Lisbon (Academia de Ciênciasde Lisboa) and Award Professor Nicolau van Uden 2013, Portuguese Society for Microbiology.

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