Andrew Swan

University of Windsor Canada

Dr. Andrew Swan is an Assistant Professor at the University of Windsor where he has been since 2007. He obtained his PhD from McGill University in 1999 and did his Postdoctoral studies at Princeton University. In his current research, Dr. Swan is studying the cell cycle and cell proliferation. A major focus of his lab is on the spatial and temporal control of meiosis. His research combines genetics, molecular biology and molecular imaging using the Drosophila (fruit fly) as a model system.

Andrew Swan

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Meiosis, the process of forming gametes in preparation for sexual reproduction, has long been a focus of intense study. Meiosis has been studied at the cytological, genetic, molecular and cellular levels. Studies in model systems have revealed common underlying mechanisms while in parallel, studies in diverse organisms have revealed the incredible variation in meiotic mechanisms. This book brings together many of the diverse strands of investigation into this fascinating and challenging field of biology.

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