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Ioannis Karydis was born in Athens, Greece in 1979. He received a BEng (2000) in Engineering Science & Technology from Brunel University, UK, an MSc (2001) in Advanced Methods in Computer Science from Queen Mary University, UK and a PhD (2006) in Mining and Retrieval Methods for Acoustic and Symbolic Music Data from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He has contributed to more than 25 academic publications and currently is a contract lecturer at the Ionian University, Greece. His research interests include music databases, music information retrieval (indexing & searching), music genre classification, musical similarity using contextual information, continuous querying in musical streams, cultural information systems and privacy issues in databases. A full and up-to-date CV can be found in

Ioannis Karydis

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The nowadays ubiquitous and effortless digital data capture and processing capabilities offered by the majority of devices, lead to an unprecedented penetration of multimedia content in our everyday life. To make the most of this phenomenon, the rapidly increasing volume and usage of digitised content requires constant re-evaluation and adaptation of multimedia methodologies, in order to meet the relentless change of requirements from both the user and system perspectives. Advances in Multimedia provides readers with an overview of the ever-growing field of multimedia by bringing together various research studies and surveys from different subfields that point out such important aspects. Some of the main topics that this book deals with include: multimedia management in peer-to-peer structures & wireless networks, security characteristics in multimedia, semantic gap bridging for multimedia content and novel multimedia applications.

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