Yuzhou Luo

University of California, Davis United States of America

Dr. Yuzhou Luo is a Research Fellow at the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources at the University of California (Davis). He graduated from Thinghua University in Beijing, China, where he obtained his BEng in Environmental Engineering in 2000. He then proceeded to acquire his MS in Natural Resources from the University in Connecticut, USA, which was followed by a PhD in Environmental Engineering at the same University. His research interests include numerical modeling for unsteady-state biogeochemical processes of chemical transport in complex environmental systems, GIS technologies in hydrologic simulation, environmental assessment, and watershed management, integrated risk assessment for human health and ecosystem at watershed scales, impact of water resources and global climate change on hydrology, environmental quality, and crop production.

Yuzhou Luo

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Risk assessment is a critical component in the evaluation and protection of natural or anthropogenic systems. Conventionally, risk assessment is involved with some essential steps such as the identification of problem, risk evaluation, and assessment review. Other novel approaches are also discussed in the book chapters. This book is compiled to communicate the latest information on risk assessment approaches and their effectiveness. Presented materials cover subjects from environmental quality to human health protection.

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