Tapan Khan

West Virginia University United States of America

Dr. Khan’s primary research focus is to study the molecular pathways of neurodegenerative diseases and to identify and to understand the molecular events responsible for the diseases. His long- term research goal is to understand the complex molecular etiology which is affected by age related neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and develop therapeutic and diagnostic methods (specially, peripheral biomarker) for treatment. Dr. Khan has published several top-rated research articles in Alzheimer’s disease biomarker area. He is also inventor of several US and international patents based on diagnostic method of Alzheimer’s disease.

Tapan Khan

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Clinicians, scientists, and health care professionals use biomarkers or biological markers as a measure of a person’s present health condition or response to interventions. An ideal -biomarker should have the following criteria: (I) ability to detect fundamental features of the disease, (II) ability to differentiate from other closely related diseases, (III) ability to detect early stages and stages of progression, (IV) the method should be highly reliable, easy to perform and inexpensive, and (V) sample sources should be easily accessible from body. Most of the chapters in this book follow the basic principle of biomarkers.

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