Aurora Teixeira

University of Porto Portugal

Assistant Professor with Aggregation at FEP (Universidade Porto) and researcher at CEF.UP (Center in Economics and Finance), INESC-Porto (Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto), and OBEGEF (Observatory in Economics and Management of Fraud). PhD in Science and Technology Policy at Science and Technology Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex (U.K).

Aurora Teixeira

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Technological change is today central to the theory of economic growth. It is recognised as an important driver of productivity growth and the emergence of new products from which consumers derive welfare. It depends not only on the work of scientists and engineers, but also on a wider range of economic and societal factors, including institutions such as intellectual property rights and corporate governance, the operation of markets, a range of governmental policies (science and technology policy, innovation policy, macroeconomic policy,competition policy, etc.), historical specificities, etc. Given that technology is explicitly taken up in the strategies and policies of governments and firms, and new actors both in the national and international arenas become involved, understanding the nature and dynamics of technology is on demand. I anticipate that this book will decisively contribute in this regard.

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