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Rhodes University South Africa

William Froneman, PhD, is currently the head of the Department of Zoology and Entomology and the director of the Southern Ocean Group at Rhodes University, South Africa. His research focuses on understanding the spatial and temporal dynamics of aquatic food webs in both shallow (ephemeral ponds and estuaries) and deep water systems. Since obtaining his PhD degree in 1996, he has published 172 peer-reviewed science journal articles and 10 book chapters and has successfully supervised 38 MSc theses and PhD dissertations. In recognition of his research achievements, he received several awards including the Junior and Senior Distinguished Research Awards from Rhodes University and the Meiring Naude Gold Medal from the Royal Society of South Africa.

William Froneman

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Estuaries are regarded among the most ecologically threatened ecosystems worldwide largely due to poor land use practices within their catchment areas, freshwater abstraction, coastal development, and resource exploitation. Moreover, these systems act as repositories for various anthropogenic contaminants. The establishment and successful implementation of conservation and management strategies are critically dependent on understanding the links among physicochemical, hydrological, and biological variables within these systems. The book provides a comprehensive overview of selected topics including modeling of water exchange between estuaries and the ocean, sediment geochemistry and mangrove health, climate variability and hydrology, and pesticides in estuaries and ecosystem functioning for various estuaries including permanently open, mangrove, and intermittently open/closed systems in both the northern and the southern hemispheres.

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