Eshel Faraggi

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis United States of America

Eshel Faraggi, a physicist, was born in Beer-Sheva, Israel. The son of a chemist and a history teacher he was absorbed in critical thought from a young age. At the age of 21 he entered the joint math and physics program at the Hebrew University completing his studies with accolades and salutations. Upon graduation he started for a physics doctorate degree with the University of Texas at Austin, and wrote a marvellous dissertation on various questions associated with two-dimensional ferromagnetism under the supervision of Linda Reichl. He has worked on a multitude of scientific areas including discrete time, cell division and laser-flesh interactions. Over the last five years he has also been working on proteins and is responsible for several successful predictors of protein structure.

Eshel Faraggi

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Since the dawn of recorded history, and probably even before, men and women have been grasping at the mechanisms by which they themselves exist. Only relatively recently, did this grasp yield anything of substance, and only within the last several decades did the proteins play a pivotal role in this existence. In this expose on the topic of protein structure some of the current issues in this scientific field are discussed. The aim is that a non-expert can gain some appreciation for the intricacies involved, and in the current state of affairs. The expert meanwhile, we hope, can gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

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