Mustafa Ali Mohd

University of Malaya Malaysia

Mustafa Ali Mohd (PhD) is a professor in the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Malaysia. He has vast research and teaching experience in various fields, particularly in chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques. Heis a member of editorial board of several scientific journals and he holds a position as advisory committee for several high level decision making bodies in food safety and quality, including as expert panel member in WHO expert meetings. Dr. Mustava Ali Mohd coordinates several international projects on analytical techniques such as GCMS and LCMS, and acts as the National project coordinator for the United Nations University Environmental Monitoring programme in East Asia region. His area of expertise includes endocrine disruptors research, clinical pharmacology, environmental monitoring, Natural products research, food safety and toxicology. He holds academic position as the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya and currently the Deputy Director of the University of Malaya Medical Centre. He is also the Head and Senior consultant to the Shimadzu-UMMC centre for Xenobiotic Studies (SUCXeS).

Mustafa Ali Mohd

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Progress in agricultural, biomedical and industrial applications' is a compilation of recent advances and developments in gas chromatography and its applications. The chapters cover various aspects of applications ranging from basic biological, biomedical applications to industrial applications. Book chapters analyze new developments in chromatographic columns, microextraction techniques, derivatisation techniques and pyrolysis techniques. The book also includes several aspects of basic chromatography techniques and is suitable for both young and advanced chromatographers. It includes some new developments in chromatography such as multidimensional chromatography, inverse chromatography and some discussions on two-dimensional chromatography. The topics covered include analysis of volatiles, toxicants, indoor air, petroleum hydrocarbons, organometallic compounds and natural products. The chapters were written by experts from various fields and clearly assisted by simple diagrams and tables. This book is highly recommended for chemists as well as non-chemists working in gas chromatography.

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