Georgiana-Ileana Badea

National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences Romania

The main areas of competences are analytical chemistry and biochemistry. My focus research has been in the development, optimization and validation of HPLC methods for determination of bioactive compounds (carotenoids, organic acids, vitamins, polyphenols) from organic material and application to perform the quality control of products and processes, extraction protocols, controlled release studies, chemical characterization by spectroscopic techniques. The visibility of my scientific activity is reflected by the already published original scientific papers and oral communications presented at national and international conferences: 18 articles in ISI ranked journals (6 as first author), 3 book chapters.

Georgiana-Ileana Badea

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This book is an attempt to bring together current knowledge on the role and importance of organic acids in life processes. There are lots of compounds based on the chemical nature of this functional group, which makes this class of molecules to be present in our lives starting with the human body (Krebs cycle - the core of cellular metabolism) to the products we currently use (food, medicines and cosmetics). No overall consensus is sought in this book, and the following chapters are authored by dedicated researchers presenting a diversity of applications and hypotheses concerning organic acids. The five chapters in this book include general information on carboxylic acids and their applications in life sciences (use in organic synthesis, nanotechnology, plant physiology, plant nutrition and soil chemistry).

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