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Prof. Shahriar Khan has been an Associate Professor at Independent University Bangladesh (IUB) since 2005. He received his M.S. and Ph.D (1997) from Texas A&M University, where he also served as Assistant Lecturer. He received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). He was active as adjunct professor at Bronte College, Canada. Dr. Khan has had industrial experience in Schlumberger Oilfield Services, where he designed radio frequency and magnetic resonance electronics for drilling equipment. Dr. Khan is a member of IEEE, and a Life Fellow of the Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh. He is a speaker and instructor for the Astronomy Association of Bangladesh. Besides fossil fuel and renewable energy, Dr. Khan has cross-disciplinary interests in power systems, power electronics, communications, control systems, and river basin dynamics. In recent years, he has attempted to apply research to improving living standards in the country and worldwide.

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The world today is at crossroads in terms of energy, as fossil fuel continues to shape global geopolitics. Alternative energy has become rapidly feasible, with thousands of wind-turbines emerging in the landscapes of the US and Europe. Solar energy and bio-fuels have found similarly wide applications. This book is a compilation of 13 chapters. The topics move mostly seamlessly from fuel combustion and coexistencewith renewable energy, to the environment, and finally to the economics of energy, and food security. The research and vision defines much of the range of our scientific knowledge on the subject and is a driving force for the future. Whether feasible or futuristic, this book is a great read for researchers, practitioners, or just about anyone with an enquiring mind on this subject.

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