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Reza Najjar (born in Marvdizaj/Soufian, Iran) studied Chemistry at the University of Tabriz (BSc, 1994), Sharif University of Technology (MSc, 1997), and Aachen University of Technology (RWTH), Germany (PhD, 2006). After completing a year of postdoctoral work at the University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland, he joined the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Tabriz (August 2007) as an assistant professor, where he became an associate professor in January 2015, and currently he is working as a professor since June 2022 . One of his research interests is to prepare especially designed polymeric materials and use them in various fields of applications.

Reza Najjar

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The surfactants are among the materials that have a significant importance in everyday life of human. The rapid growth in science and technology has opened new horizons in a very wide range, in which the surfactants play a major and vital role. Hence, the increasing number of applications as well as arising environmental issues has made this relatively old topic still a hot research theme. In the first section of this book, some of the applications of surfactants in various fields such as biology and petroleum industry, as well as their environmental effects, are described. In Section 2 some experimental techniques used for characterization of the surfactants have been discussed.

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