Michael Blaivas

University of South Carolina United States of America

Upon graduation from medical school, Dr. Blaivas entered an emergency medicine residency at the University of Michigan Medical Center. He went on to attend the only emergency ultrasound fellowship in existence at that time and after fellowship progressed to become a pioneer of emergency ultrasound. He has published over 140 peer reviewed articles on emergency ultrasound, edited several books and created multiple multi-media educational products. Along with his research interests Dr. Blaivas has been active in multiple medical societies and is a founding member of the World Interactive Network For Critical Ultrasound (WINFOCUS) and Society of Ultrasound in Medical Education (SUSME), having served as president of both. Dr. Blaivas is active in building educational and policy-making relationships between societies in a variety of medical specialties through the world.

Michael Blaivas

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Emergency Medicine is an expanding field that has spread beyond the shores of North America and has taken on different characteristics around the world. Although many of the struggles of emergency practitioners are similar, the field and its principles have adapted to local needs and resources. This book seeks to educate readers not only on emergency medicine theory, science and practice, but also reflects that multinational nature of emergency medicine, allowing readers to learn from experiences of others. This diverse group of authors presents a true international view of emergency medicine practice and science that will be educational for any reader.

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