Urvashi Sharma

King's College London

Dr. Urvashi Sharma has a BEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, MSc in Biomedical Engineering, MSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and Ph.D. in Healthcare Information Systems. She is driven by her passion to understand how human beings relate to and encounter interventions and innovations within a given context. Over the last seventeen years, Dr. Sharma has worked in different fields and sectors including education as well as health and social care. Her work has contributed to understanding the role of users and their context in relation to a successful application and use of interventions and/or innovations. She is a proponent of stakeholder engagement and involvement in decision making, and the application of appropriate research methodologies that enable exploration of lived experiences and provide deeper insights into what really matters to users.

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Smart and pervasive healthcare aims at facilitating better healthcare access, provision, and delivery by overcoming spatial and temporal barriers. It represents a shift toward understanding what patients and clinicians really need when placed within a specific context, where traditional face-to-face encounters may not be possible or sufficient. As such, technological innovation is a necessary facilitating conduit. This book is a collection of chapters written by prominent researchers and academics worldwide that provide insights into the design and adoption of new platforms in smart and pervasive healthcare. With the COVID-19 pandemic necessitating changes to the traditional model of healthcare access and its delivery around the world, this book is a timely contribution.

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