Manar Elsayed Abdel-Raouf

Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute

Professor Manar Elsayed Abdel-Raouf is a Professor of Polymer Science at the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute. Her main research interests are the modification and utilization of green polymers in different fields such as the production of renewable energy, wastewater treatment, and reduction or elimination of environmental pollution. She has published more than sixty research papers and review articles in reputed journals. She also has several book chapters to her credit. Prof. Manar is a reviewer, guest editor, and editorial board member for several international highly ranked journals. She is also the principal investigator for some national and international projects dealing with environmental issues.

Manar Elsayed Abdel-Raouf

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Petroleum crude oil is the main energy source worldwide. However, global fossil fuel resources and reservoirs are rapidly and disturbingly being depleted. Thus, it is particularly important to shed light on new techniques developed for economic production and better utilization of crude oil. In addition, the processes involved in the production, refining, and transportation of crude oil are environmentally hazardous. It is essential to develop cleaner technologies and to find innovative solutions to overcome these problems. Over four sections, this book discusses materials used in cracking crude oil and improving its specifications, methods for reducing or eliminating the hazardous effects of petroleum pollution, and the environmental effects of crude oil, as well as presents case studies from different countries.

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